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As a service to our customers, we provide the following list of plants. The list includes plant names, details, and pictures. If you have registered on our site, you may add plants to your own plant list. This is only a partial list of the many plants that we offer. If you do not see a particular plant that you are interested in, please contact us for more details.

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Abelia sp.

Abelia comes in many different species and hybrids. In warmer climates, this plant is evergreen. In colder climates, it is deciduous. From spring until fall, this plant features bell-shaped white to pink colored flowers.
Abelia x grandiflora
Glossy Abelia

Often used in shrub borders, this plant is known for attracting butterflies. It also blooms fragrant, bell-shaped, white flowers in the summer.
Abies fraseri
Fraser Fir

This drought tolerant tree makes an excellent accent plant with its neat, pyramidal form. This tree displays a rich evergreen foliage and inconspicuous blooms.
Flowering Maple

This specimen plant is great for adding color accents to a mass planting setting or in a planting container. It blooms beautiful pendant shaped flowers in the summer.
Acacia abyssinica
Abyssinian Acacia (AKA Fern Acacia)

This tree features lacy, feathery leaves. It is a great xeriscape or poolside tree.
Acacia constricta
White Thorn Acacia

This tree features a reddish-maroon to gray colored bark. Its fuzz ball-type flowers are fragrant and bright yellow. Its spines are long, straight, and white on new growth. Spines are absent on old branches.
Acacia cultriformis
Knife Acacia

This fragrant drought tolerant plant is easy to grow and blooms winter to spring with fluffy yellow flowers.
Acacia gracilifolia
Graceful Wattle

This shrub is known for its graceful, spreading habit and excellent flowering.
Acacia pennatula
Fernleaf Acacia (AKA Feather-Leaf Acacia)

This drought tolerant plant is used in xeriscapes.
Acacia redolens
Redolens Acacia (AKA Trailing Acacia)

This excellent ground cover tolerates poor, dry soils. It blooms yellow ball-like flowers in the spring.
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