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Quality Local Tampa Bay Lawn Care Means

Satisfying Customers by Delivering Lawn Care, Pest Control, and Tree and Shrub Care for over 20 years with Great Results.

Laurie Eells, Always Green Field Manager

Laurie Eells, Always Green Field Manager

Always Green is founded for the purpose to provide the best Tampa Bay Landscape Care. We are family owned and operated by Peter and Laurie Eells, (Peter’s daughter). Our Tampa Bay Landscape Care offerings are tailor to the needs of Homeowners, Estates, Home Owner Associations, Condominium Associations and Businesses, as well as, Commercial Property Owners in Western Central Florida. Our mission is to “Provide the best lawn and ornamental care possible by deploying exceptional services through teamwork“.

We provide prompt friendly and courteous customer service and deliver dependable assortment top notch professional landscape services. Our Tampa Bay Landscape Care is dedicated to keeping your lawn, trees, shrubs, bushes, and ornamental plants Lush, Green, and Healthy.

Always Green Technician Team

Always Green technician getting ready for their Tampa Bay Landscape service route

Always Green technicians preparing to begin their Tampa Bay Landscape service route

Always Green technicians are thoroughly vetted, drug tested and background checked before they’re considered for employment by us. Our staff and technicians are family oriented and trained exclusively with our training program. Peter Eells personally leads and devised our training program. Also, our Always Green technician Team are fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Our technicians are trained specially to cope with our Tampa Bay landscape environment. All our technicians are required to participate in Always Green’s mandatory continuous learning program. Thus, Always Green ensures field technicians can apply the latest advances in landscape care. Our technician training is another reason why Always Green provides the best Landscape Care possible in the Tampa Bay Area.

Our team uses the most up-to-date application techniques, particular best-quality products, environmental-friendly products, and our internal team support structure to solve your landscape problems and keep your property healthy by assisting Mother Nature.

Our Service Managers are in constant contact with our field technicians in assisting them. If you have any issues with your landscape, the owner Peter Eells would like to talk to you about your concerns. If our Service Managers can’t resolve your problem, Peter will personally visit your property to discuss the actions to fix it.

Our landscape care services include Fertilization and Pest Control, as well as, Other Services. Our landscape services bring years of experience and know-how to get the best results possible.

We Strive to Deliver the Best Landscape Care in Tampa Bay

Our landscape services are well known for providing our customers with lust, green, and healthy lawns throughout Tampa Bay. We strive to deliver the best Landscape Care one customer at a time.

Always Green truck to deliver Tampa Bay Landscape Care

Always Green Truck uses advanced technology for Landscape Care to keep your landscape Green and Healthy

We perform tenacious landscape maintenance efforts to keep your lawn, trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants Green and Healthy. Our landscape maintenance process requires:

  • Delivering prompt courteous customer service
  • Close monitoring of your landscape
  • Applying the correct amount of fertilizer and pest control treatments when needed
  • Providing treatment on a regular basis.
  • Communicating with our customer with Always Green Customer Corner report

In addition, we recommend other services to improve the health and enjoyment of your property such as Mosquito Control and Always Green Arborjet services. To learn more about these other services, click on Mosquito Control or Always Green Arborjet.

Our Tampa Bay Landscape Care keeps lawns, trees, shrubs and ornamental plants always green – that’s our name. Our services are delivered on a scheduled basis with call ahead notification and instructions for watering and cutting and trimming and cleanup. We are your partner to improve and maintain the health of your landscape.

Call us (813) 818-7022 for a free assessment and quote for a wonderful green and healthy landscape.



Indoor Pest Management

Always Green Pest Management offers indoor pest control and insect extermination services for Hillsborough, Pinellas and Manatee counties.

Always Green Pest Management is a regiment of pest control treatment around the perimeter of the building to keep bugs from entering the inside living space.

To learn more, click on Always Green Indoor Pest Management


Other Landscape Services

Always Green Offers an Assortment of Other Landscape Care Services.

Theses Other Services improve the health and beauty of your Landscape. Other Services can include Plugging, Aeration, Lime, Gypsum, Soil Testing, Systemic Insect and Disease Drenches for ornamental, Systemic Fungicides for turf, Moisture Manager, Palm Stakes, Sedge Treatments.

To learn more,  click on Always Green Other Landscape Care Services



Outdoor Pest Control

Always Green Landscape Care Services includes Outdoor Pest Control.

Our outside landscape care service targets pests of the season. Harmful landscape pests can destroy your lawn, trees, shrubs, bushes, and ornamental plants.

To learn more, click on Always Green Outdoor Pest Control

Tree and Shrub Care

Always Green Tree and Shrub Care begin with inspecting of your landscape to determine the cause of damage or to protect your landscape from known pest and disease threats. We define treatments for each tree and shrub situation and apply the correct amount fertilizer, specific insect and mite control, disease control and minerals for the best results.

To learn more, click on Always Green Tree and Shrub Care Services

Always Green Lawn Care

Always Green Lawn Care Customer

Actual Always Green customer – judge our results yourself!

Treatments are formulated for lawn’s needs with the right mix of fertilizer, weed control, and minerals and applied each scheduled time to make your grass lush, green and healthy.

To learn more, click on Always Green Lawn Care Services

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