Tampa Bay’s Best Family Owned Lawn Care Company

Always Green Team of technicians standing aside of their trucks

Always Green is Tampa Bay’s Leading Family Owned Landscape Care Company

Fertilization and Pest Control Service Trusted for over 20 Years by Homeowners
Always Green Angies List Super Service Award 2018

Lawn Fertilization and Pest Control

Always Green is Well Respected

  • Family-owned & operated for over 20 years
  • Serving Hillsborough, Pasco & Pinellas
  • Owners personally vested and take charge
  • Angie’s List’s Super Service Award given for superior service – given to few than 5% of the companies
  • Angie’s List’s Super Service Award for 12 years
  • Better Business Bureau rating of an “A+


Always Green is Tampa Bay’s Local Professionals for:homeadvisor logo


Always Green is Different

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau

We are not your typical local lawn care company and not a national bureaucratic corporation. Always Green is a small family-owned business with a simple goal to provide the best service in Tampa Bay to keep you as a delighted customer for a lifetime. Our priority is to understand and solve your landscape and pest problems promptly. We are always striving to deliver the best results possible using our Customer Partnership.

What Makes us Different?:
  • Owned and operated by Peter Eells with a vision of achieving lush, green and healthy results
  • As a small local business, we continually depend on your satisfaction for our livelihood
  • We test and select effective products to ensures you get the Best Quality Products without guesswork
  • We formulated treatments to fix specific problems the first time and more cost-effectively
  • Our technicians are well-trained, skilled and experienced and the core of our Service Excellence
  • Teamwork allows us to provide the best Landscape Care by sharing our collective expertise
  • Our Outdoor Pest Control keeps bugs and disease from destroying your landscape
  • Our Indoor Pest Management prevents  pest and insects from entering your home or business
  • Customer Corner and Invoices  make it easy to understand & helps us communicate

Always Green is Family Owned — Our Founder’s Story

always green company garage

Always Green Company Garage – today

In 1997, Peter Eells founded Always Green to perform fertilization of lawns, shrubs, and trees, as well as pest control. When asked why the name, Peter instantly replied, “That’s exactly what we do – keeping it always green!”.

Peter crafted the Always Green mission to define the company’s unique difference, “Provide the best lawn and ornamental care possible by deploying exceptional services through teamwork.” He went further by creating a vision that captures results, “Help Mother Nature make the landscape lush, green and healthy so our customers can enjoy.” Peter built his business by working harder, listening to customers, and staying true to his mission and vision.

Always Green Owner, Peter, is Still in the Field

peter eells working at customer site

Peter Eells inspecting a lawn

Today, as when we started, Always Green still employs good people. Team Always Green is continuously attentive to details. We strive for the highest quality and service excellence, as well as paying heed to what our customers say. We strongly support the proposition “the customer is first.” You will usually find Peter in the field, visiting customer properties, talking with customers, and working with his employees. Although he is the boss, Peter works with his team to deliver the best Landscape Care. For Peter Eells, teamwork is an integral part of Always Green that starts with the boss to instill and reinforce his value proposition, “the customer is first.”

Always Green  Started as a One-Man “Lawn and Shrub Care” Service

Always Green Team of technicians standing aside of their trucks

Always Green Team of Friendly & Competent Technicians

It’s not by chance Always Green has grown from a little one-man shop to a leading Tampa Bay Fertilizer and Pest Control company with a staff of 25 dedicated employees. Peter Eells’ “hands-on approach” and treating customer’s properties as his own, has paid off. He continues to set the tone for offering exceptional services through teamwork. Peter also insists his team deliver services that are both courteous and friendly.

At Always Green, Peter Eells is always in charge and will give you his pledge that Always Green uses: the best quality products available, latest scientific techniques and extensive landscape knowledge to provide excellent service. Always Green doesn’t take short-cuts or unproven products or methods.

Always Green’s High Standards Gets the Job Done with Excellence

always green truck parked curbside while providing lawn care

Always Green’s Trucks are state-of-the-art technology for the best Lawn Care & Pest Control

How do we achieve the best lawn and ornamental plant care possible? It’s by adhering to the highest standards to select and apply Best Quality Products and delivering Service Excellence. Our Best Quality Products are determined by our constant testing of commercial products for effectiveness and safety. We use our in-house developed evaluation process. Always Green’s technicians use these best products to eliminate applications guesswork.

We use the latest technology and the most energy-efficient trucks in our industry for fewer carbon emissions for more environmentally responsible operations. Also, we optimize our customer routes to reduce mileage. Our goal is to decrease expenses and improve productivity by using the best infrastructure and business methods available. Hence, Always Green can deliver high-quality services at a better price than our competitors.

Our Trained Technician Target the Cause of a Problem

peter ells, always green owner in the field

Peter Ells providing free always green consultation

Our technician team is trained to analyze many different landscape situations, pest problems, and symptoms. With an understanding of your landscape situation, we tailor an application mix, especially for your needs — it’s not the application-of-the-day. Your treatment is formulated to target those issues of your lawn, ornamental plants or pest situation at the time of service, keeping in mind the season and possible environmental changes, such as rain, cold temperatures, drought, etc.

Our Service Excellence is due to teamwork, employing proficient people, continuous-learning, extensive expertise, and the way Always Green does business. We consider our employees our most significant assets. The average experience of our employees is 6 years. Our technicians are required to attend our ongoing internal training program. The program consists of both classroom and computer courses and also practical field preparation.

Our Landscape Care Expertise

commputer training for lawn care

Computer Training keeps our team up-to-date on horticultural and product improvements.

Our technicians are skilled, experienced, and have extensive knowledge of horticultural, plant diseases and fertilization to solve real customer problems. As part of our company’s teamwork, our technicians regularly share their work experiences, learn new information and consult with each other via cell phone and in the office – the result is our sustained and growing expertise.

We use our 20 years of know-how to recognize landscape problems. We have experience and quality products to provide you with the best solutions and value-added advice. Also, Always Green’s Customer Corner and Invoices are a vehicle of information exchange to make it easy to describe the details of your property. Our Customer Partnership approach will enable you to have better service and easy to do business with us.

Our Customer Partnership

Always Green Customer Partnership for a better lawn

Our Customer Partnership starts with you as the controller of the water. With the proper watering, we can achieve excellent results.

Our Customer Partnership is about working together to achieve excellent results. Our priority is to keep you informed on your landscape’s condition and requirements when we make our periodic visits and treatments to your property. We depend on you to keep us updated on what’s happening now with your lawn, trees, and shrubs. If you see a change of health or color or something doesn’t look right, we expect a call from you to help us react to changing conditions if they occur. Our goal, (yours and mine) is to keep your property looking its best.

Always Green provides fertilization, weed, disease and insect control and instructions. You the customer performs the tasks requested by us, such as turning on the sprinklers to water in our treatment within 24 hours or ensuring your lawn is regularly watered twice a week or your sprinklers are consistently delivering the proper water coverage. When customers repair broken sprinkler heads or keep their lawn cut greater than 5 inches, this allows us to achieve the best results possible. We want to know if you see new brown spots in your yard.

Our partnership involves 2-way communication to get the best results. Our primary vehicle for this is our Customer Corner brief. It reports our assessment of your property status and needs. Customer Corner is provided after each site visit and another example of our Customer Partnership.

Always Green Pest Management

Always Green technician perform an outside pest control treatment

Always Green Indoor Pest Control is about stopping bugs from entering your home or business

Always Green Pest Management is a full pest and bug control service for residential and commercial customers. Our indoor and outdoor pest control uses measures to focus on creating an external barrier to prevent insects from entering the building. We apply our Best Quality Products initially by dusting, spraying, and baiting inside the structure at key areas. Our subsequent applications are concentrated on the external perimeter of the building and outside property.

Hence, almost all the applications are administered outside. Our experience and highly skilled technicians can deliver a successful solution that will exterminate and control: fleas and ticks, ants, roaches, spiders, sliver fish, rodents, and other insects. We stand 100% behind our pest control service to ensure its effectiveness and safety — if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Innovative Communication Approach

Customer Corner header

Always Green’s Communication brief about your landscape. This single sheet is left with you with instructions and information after we performed our treatment

Part of our Customer Partnership is our Customer Corner brief. It’s our unique delivery of vital data to you and our inside staff. It provides detail information about your turf,  tree and shrub, our applications, supplemental services, and suggested future services. Customer Corner keeps you informed with all the necessary data at your fingertips to instantly view: issues, application descriptions, instructions, and comments.

It allows us to follow-up with ongoing property concerns when required. Also, our service invoices are easy to read and clearly show the applications and pricing, information about watering and technician recommendations, as well as, the amount of today’s service and previous balance. This makes it easy to understand our service, instructions, and value provided by Always Green.

Free Service Calls

If issues arise at your property in between your regularly scheduled visits, call or e-mail us and we will return to take care of the problem within 2 business days at no additional charge.

email us anytime at customerservice.alwaysgreen@verizon.net

Give Us a Chance to Prove Our Service Excellence?

Always Green Master Technician

Meet Dave – an Always Green Technician

Isn’t it time for you to step up to quality Landscape Care from a respected company you can trust. We offer quality Lawn Care, Shrub, and Tree Care Services and Pest Management. You can count on us to get the job done.

It would be our pleasure to serve you. Just contact us for a free inspection and advice session to evaluate your landscape or pest problem. We will give you a free estimate for our superior services without anything extras you don’t need. There is no obligation, and you risk nothing.

Just a friendly and honest service from our entire staff.


You can contact us by calling (813) 818-7022, email us, complete our contact form, or fill in the quick quote by clicking on the link on the top of any page.

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2019 Super Service Award

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Few pest control companies receive the Angie's List's Super Service Award, click on the badge to learn more. Angies List Super Service Award won by Always Green for 13 years

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