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Frequently Asked Questions

If there is a question pertaining to our high-quality services that are not answered in the following FAQ’s below, calling us (813) 818-7022 or press the green button entitled “Ask A Question and complete our online contact form”.

General Questions

Questions to Ask a Landscape Care Provider?

When hiring a Landscape Care Provider, these are the questions you should ask:

  • Does the provider have a State of Florida license to administrator fertilization and Pest Control? If so, what is the license numbers?
  • Is the provider fully insured for liability and damages?
  • How many years has the company been doing business in the Tampa Bay Area?
  • What exactly does the provider offer in detail?. When comparing landscape care services, the products used may vary significantly from company to company. Ensure you are comparing apples to apples and pears to pears.
  • Make sure you get the Best Valued for your money
  • If you are unhappy with the service, for example, due to too much rain, will the provider perform a free service call at no additional charge within 2 days to reapply the treatment?


Always Green provides answers to all your questions. Call (813) 818-7022 for a free estimate and the quality services you can count on.

How Do We Reduce Lawn Care Prices?

Better Lawn Care Prices by Reducing Costs

Always Green is focused on delivering customers the best possible value by lowering our costs, using quality products and consistently providing quick responsive service. As you may know, our pricing heavily depends on the amount we pay for business expenses. Always Green makes every effort to reduce cost so that we can pass on these savings to our customers.

Here’s How Always Green Cuts Costs:

The following are some of the ways we reduce expenses and passes the saving on to you:

  • Implement practical aggressive operating budget and tenaciously execute it
  • Reducing costs by approximately 3% by NOT accepting credit cards
  • Performing most of our IT services on our servers and printers in-house
  • Optimizing services routes to reduce mileage and travel time for each service call
  • Monitoring all our vehicles with GPS – to track efficiency and reduce thief
  • Testing products to select best-of-breed and product mixes for effectiveness
  • Buying products in large quantities at a reduced price
  • Performing in-house training to reduces travel expenses for education
  • Use the University of Florida knowledge-store for research and in-depth analysis
  • Reducing the churning of employees by performing stronger vetting that includes periodic drug testing and background checks and in-depth reference interviews.

At Always Green, we continuously focus on ways to reduce expenses and improve our efficiency to get the job done effectively. Yes, we do pinch pennies to lower our price to the bare minimum.

To get our price for Landscape Care, Call us (813) 818-7022 or click on Quick Quote.

What are the 3 Things to Correct to Prevent Lawns Damage?

The 3 Failures that Damage Lawns to correct for customers to address are:

  1. Failure to adequately water the lawn on a regular basis or after each treatment of fertilization and pest and disease control or correct sprinkler water coverage
  2. Lawnmower’s blade is dull — keep the edge sharp. Or cutting the grass too short.
  3. Grass cutting services failure to wash lawnmowers when going from property to property and can carry insects from infected yards

When you hire a Landscape Care service provider, there are still tasks that need to be accomplished by the customer to obtain the most effective Landscape Care. Failure to water the lawn properly is a primary cause for poor lawn results that are the fault of the customer. Always Green understands that customer participation is vital to get the best results possible. Hence, Always Green developed the Customer Partnership to bring to light the need of customers and Always Green to work together and the final results are the responsibility of both parties.

At Always Green, we deliver our Customer Corner Report at your door after every service call. Our Customer Corner report provides the status and comments about your landscape and instructions, such as to water the yard within 24 hours after treatment. Our Customer Corner Report is an example of our Customer Partnership in action.

Who are Always Green's Customers?

Always Green’s Services are tailored to deliver the Superior Landscape Care for individual customer needs:

  • Individual Homeowners
  • Estates Customers
  • Condominiums Associations
  • Home Owner Associations’ (HOA’s) with Front Entrances and Common Areas
  • Property Managers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Businesses with Storefronts, parking lots, road frontage and landscape areas
  • Commercial Properties
How Does Always Green Price Services?

Always Green calculates the pricing of Landscape Care Services using the following variables:

  • Square-Footage of the coverage area to be treated
  • Type of Landscape Care services included in a bundle
  • The current condition of the landscape
  • Any issues that need to be addressed or resolved
  • Product mix to keep the landscape healthy going forward
  • Number of periodic treatments
  • Any discounts that apply – see our specials, click Always Green Promotional Specials to learn more

Always Green prices Landscape Care services for each customer on an individual basis using the above variables. Pricing will vary from customer to customer depending on the scope of effort and products required.

Call (813) 818-7022 or click on Quick Quote to get our price for Landscape Care Services

What is the Wait Time to Get a Free Inspect and Estimate?

How long does it take to arrive and perform a service call or a request for a Free Inspection and Estimate?

Usually, Always Green can schedule a visit to your property generally within 2 days. This depends on how busy we are and the physical location of the property; it could take a little longer.

Call our office (813) 818-7022 to get more details regarding your appointment.

What are Our Landscape Care Qualifications?

Always Green Qualifications

Peter Eells the Founder of Always Green and Businessman

Peter Eells has a College degree in Business Management. He has worked many years for Corporate-America. He is an expert with Logistics. This is part of the reason for Always Green Success in the Tampa area. The skills and experience Peter has gained as a business manager of a large enterprise are very valuable. His business expertise gave him the know-how to make his local business function and attain customer satisfaction.

Passion for Landscape Care

Peter’s hobby is gardening. He also has a strong interest in biology and chemistry. While at college, he completed a class in Tobacco Production. This class kindled Peter’s interest in Landscape Care. With a passion for Landscape Care, Peter quit Corporate-America in favor of opening his own company. What he wanted to do is simplify his life and be able to do things that would directly help people. Thus, Peter Eells founded Always Green Inc. over 20 years ago.

Our Landscape Care Expertise

Peter is certified in Lawn and Ornamental Structure Pest Control and Termites and is fully licensed for Landscape Care and Pest Control in Florida. But, operating a Landscape Care and Pest Control company takes more than just an understanding of plants, biology, and insects. It takes a knowledge of how to run a business, the ability to work with suppliers, employees, and customers, as well as, provide good value for the money by delivering landscape results.

Also, it requires the owner to have deep business skills to develop best practices, create new processes, manage & lead employees, and build the teamwork to make a company work. A landscape care company is more than a guy in a pickup truck. An efficiently run landscape care company requires the discipline and tenacity to monitor the landscape, formulate treatment composed of quality product mix for the best results in Tampa Bay and apply treatments using the latest technology. Landscape Care is a fundamental process of monitoring, assessing, and taking action to improve the conditions for making living plants healthy.

As with building a business from scratch or keeping a lawn lush, green, and healthy, they both require a competent professional that’s qualified. The qualifications are skills, knowledge, discipline, and figuring-things-out. Figuring-things-out is the ability to rapidly learn new things by relating cause and effect, and monitor a situation or issue, and developing corrective actions to yield the best results. Peter Ells is a natural and master at this.

Always Green Training Program

Peter has created the Always Green Training program. He shadows each employee to ensure they are progressing along the right path. Always Green requires all technicians to perform ongoing training and education to keep up with new developments in Landscape Care and Pest Control Industry. Training is conducted in-house by workshops, briefs, manufacturer’s seminars, and computer training courses about new techniques of plant care, new products on the market, effective method of application, guidelines of better usage of pest control, insects trends, county & state law about fertilization and insecticide, etc..

Now that You Know Our Qualification — Call us (813) 818-7022 or click on Quick Quote to get a free landscape inspection and estimate

How to Get Our Landscape Care Service?

The First Step to Getting Our Landscape Care is to Contact Us

You can contact us by email, phone or by completing an online form or quick quote.

The Easy Way to Become Our Customer

Simply pick up your phone and call (813) 818-7022 and talk to our friendly Always Green customer service representatives. Our business office is open during the week from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Next, you want to provide us with your contact information and physical address of the property and the type of Landscape Care services you want.

The most important part of the phone call is to schedule a date and time when our technician can come to your property. This visit is a complimentary inspection and a free estimate. It’s free with no obligation to purchase any of our services – just a friendly discussion with an Always Green Field Manager. Generally, our Field Managers can be available within 2 days for this on-site visit for our free analysis.

When our experienced technician arrives he will walk through your property and observe details of your landscape and perform the following:

  • Inspect the grass, trees, shrubs and ornamental plants for any sign of disease or damage caused by insects or mishandling
  • Evaluated the health of your landscape
  • Make a note of any problem areas and course of action for correction
  • Measure your property for square footage
  • Review a plan for monitoring and treatment
  • Determine the price for services with some options
  • Talk with you about your landscape care
  • Provide our professional advice and recommendations
  • Deliver our Landscape Care Quote based on your needs and any options you select
After You Receive Our Quote — the Decision is Yours

If you decide not to accept our offer for any reason, (after we delivered our inspection and quoted the price), we will thank you for your time and leave you with a copy of our offer. Our offer is valid for 30 days if the landscape conditions remain the same as the day of our visit. Hopefully, you will call us back.

If you decide to choose our landscape care service, there is no contract or any long-term contract for our services. You pay for each service treatment after the treatment is applied. Always Green begin your service that very day or a day in the next week or so. We will also deliver our service to align with your irrigation watering schedule.

Our technician will leave a Customer Corner report after each treatment with information about your landscape and instructions to keep your lawn, trees, and shrubs healthy.

Always Green uses the above sales process to gain new customers for the past 20 years – just friendly and courteous service and never any sales pressure. Call us today to make an appointment for a free inspection and estimate.

Why We Provide the Best Lawn Care and Pest Control in Tampa?

BBB logo for always green - best lawn care in TampaThe Reason Why We Provide the Best Lawn Care and Pest Control in Tampa

We have the expertise and high marks from Angie’s List & BBB:

◊ Over 20 years of experience in Tampa Bay
◊ Extensive know-how with horticulture, insecticides, fertilizers, and plant diseases
◊ Angie’s List’s Super Service Award for 13 years & Better Business Bureau “A+” rating

Our founder Peter Eells, has a strong belief system:

◊ Customers are first and do what’s right for them
Customer Corner designed to improve customer communication
◊ Honestly is our only policy – What’s needed at a reasonable price – nothing more

We deliver value and options to our customers:

◊ Make the extra efforts to keep costs down –which means better value for you
◊ Do everything possible to keep you as a happy customer
◊ Provide choices to you and never any sales pressure

As the little guy in the Tampa Landscape Care Industry, we don’t take you granted or our livelihood to serve you lightly. Hence, we work harder than the next guy to get your satisfaction.

We provide the Best Lawn Care, Tree and Shrub Care and Pest Control in the Tampa Bay area at a reasonable price with great customer service.

Call us (813) 818-7022 for a free assessment of your yard and receive our expert advice at no cost for this valued consultation.

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