Always Gereen Truck arives at customer house for lawn care

Always Green truck arives for a scheduled appointment at 2721

Always Green technician providing lawn care for fertilization & disease control

Meet Todd, Always Green experienced technician for Brandon, Valrico and Dover

Always Green Truck Arrives

The Always Green truck arrived early in the morning to perform a scheduled Lawn Application and Tree & Shrub Application. Our state-of-the-art industrial trucks carry all of the high-quality landscape products necessary to solve your landscape care problems and to provide preventive measures for healthy green growth.

Our technicians perform an inventory of all on-the-truck products before leaving for the day to ensure all schedules applications for the day have the right environmental-friendly products to do the job.

For the house at 2721 today, the scheduled services are Turf and Tree & Shrub Applications include:

  • Fertilization
  • Iron & Manganese
  • Minor Elements
  • Broadleaf Weed Control
  • Weedy Grass Treatment
  • Disease Control

Meet Todd, Always Green’s Experienced Technician

Todd is a landscape care professional with a friendly smile and firm handshake. You can recognize Todd as an Always Green employee by his green shirt with the Always Green logo. Todd is experienced with Lawn Care and Tree & Shrub Care and serves the Brandon, Valrico, and Dover areas.

Once he is out of the truck, Todd works nonstop to apply the different scheduled applications. After or during the service visit, Todd will contact the homeowner for a brief discussion regarding the lawn or landscape.

At today’s Aways Green visit, Todd discussed with the homeowner the amount of crab and sedge grass in the backyard. We agreed the best solution to is apply weed control. He warned the homeowner the backyard area will have some browning as the weeds die off.

Always Green provides a free assessment of your lawn and landscape. Many customers don’t realize you can call Always Green when you have lawn, tree or shrub problem and we will evaluate the problem and provide a solution at no charge.

For the 2721 house, Todd updated the Always Green Customer Corner sheet to indicate the specific services performed, the overall lawn condition as good and in the comment area where he recorded the application of weed control to kill the crabgrass with the warning of browning. He gave the Customer Corner sheet together with an invoice to the homeowner. Then Todd said good-bye and was on his way to the next scheduled appointment.


Always Green technician performing a lawn care application and Tree & Shrub application

Todd finishing up

Always Green is Tampa Bay’s top quality Lawn Care provider that works with Mother Nature and partners with you to get a great looking lawn. Learn more about how we work with you, click on Always Green Customer Partnership. .
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