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brown patch disease caused by Rhizoctonia solani

Brown Patch disease caused by Rhizoctonia solani

Brown Patch is a turfgrass disease and caused by the Rhizoctonia species fungus. The fungus infects the leaf area closest to the soil and will eventually kill the leaf. This disease usually begins as small patches (approximately one foot in diameter) that turn yellow and then reddish brown, brown, or straw colored as the leaves start to die. A Brown Patch can expand to several feet in diameter.

The disease is likely to be observed from November through May when temperatures are below 80 °F. It usually is not seen in the summer months. Infection is triggered by rainfall, excessive irrigation or extended periods of high humidity.

As a result of too much moisture at the right temperature, the grass is wet for 48 hours or more with an excellent condition for fungus growth. Always Green’s preventive treatment will inhibit the growth of the fungus when the leaves are wet. If you are unsure if you have Brown Patch, call Always Green for a free assessment.

To learn more about Brown Patch from the University of Florida, click on Large Patch.

If you have a history of Brown Patch, call us (813) 818-7022 to schedule our preventive treatment.


Always Green is Tampa Bay’s top quality Lawn Care provider that works with Mother Nature and partners with you to get a great looking lawn. Learn more about how we work with you, click on Always Green Customer Partnership. .

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Always Green Scheduled Visit

Always Gereen Truck arives at customer house for lawn care

Always Green truck arives for a scheduled appointment at 2721

Always Green technician providing lawn care for fertilization & disease control

Meet Todd, Always Green experienced technician for Brandon, Valrico and Dover

Always Green Truck Arrives

The Always Green truck arrived early in the morning to perform a scheduled Lawn Application and Tree & Shrub Application. Our state-of-the-art industrial trucks carry all of the high-quality landscape products necessary to solve your landscape care problems and to provide preventive measures for healthy green growth.

Our technicians perform an inventory of all on-the-truck products before leaving for the day to ensure all schedules applications for the day have the right environmental-friendly products to do the job.

For the house at 2721 today, the scheduled services are Turf and Tree & Shrub Applications include:

  • Fertilization
  • Iron & Manganese
  • Minor Elements
  • Broadleaf Weed Control
  • Weedy Grass Treatment
  • Disease Control

Meet Todd, Always Green’s Experienced Technician

Todd is a landscape care professional with a friendly smile and firm handshake. You can recognize Todd as an Always Green employee by his green shirt with the Always Green logo. Todd is experienced with Lawn Care and Tree & Shrub Care and serves the Brandon, Valrico, and Dover areas.

Once he is out of the truck, Todd works nonstop to apply the different scheduled applications. After or during the service visit, Todd will contact the homeowner for a brief discussion regarding the lawn or landscape.

At today’s Aways Green visit, Todd discussed with the homeowner the amount of crab and sedge grass in the backyard. We agreed the best solution to is apply weed control. He warned the homeowner the backyard area will have some browning as the weeds die off.

Always Green provides a free assessment of your lawn and landscape. Many customers don’t realize you can call Always Green when you have lawn, tree or shrub problem and we will evaluate the problem and provide a solution at no charge.

For the 2721 house, Todd updated the Always Green Customer Corner sheet to indicate the specific services performed, the overall lawn condition as good and in the comment area where he recorded the application of weed control to kill the crabgrass with the warning of browning. He gave the Customer Corner sheet together with an invoice to the homeowner. Then Todd said good-bye and was on his way to the next scheduled appointment.


Always Green technician performing a lawn care application and Tree & Shrub application

Todd finishing up

Always Green is Tampa Bay’s top quality Lawn Care provider that works with Mother Nature and partners with you to get a great looking lawn. Learn more about how we work with you, click on Always Green Customer Partnership. .
Please call Always Green on (813) 818-7022, email us, or fill out our contact form, or just click on the oval button on the bottom of this page for a free quote.

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Welcome to Our New Website

Out with the Old and in with the New

old always green website

Our Old Always Green Website

We are proud to announce the new Always Green Website with improvements to better serve our customers and the Internet audience looking for quality Landscape Care at reasonable prices. Our new website was developed specially for mobile devices and the goal is to create a new website experience using state-of-the-art technology while keeping the same familiar look of our original website.

The new website is built with the most innovative “open-source” software available today for today’s popular Content Management System with the capability to add more function and enhance our web presence as our company continues to grow and provide more services.

Our design includes better organization of our landscape care services and the ability to purchase a specific service. Also, we made a change in the way we manage content. Instead of using a programmer, now our internal staff will have access to publish information and manage the website content directly. This makes it easier to communicate with you using fewer steps to deliver content. Our new site allows us to get the latest information and offerings to solve landscape care problem. Also, to get the word out to provide deep discounts when you buy more of our services.

At Always Green, we are continually improving our service with the most technologically advanced equipment, application methods, training and deployment of quality pretested products. Hence, our new website is a step in the right direction of our improvement strategy to be more proficient and deliver more value to our customers.

Our New Website is Focused on 3 Main Areas:

always green new website screen shot of the home page

A screen-shot of the Home Page of our new website

  • Our Core Business: of Landscape Care and Indoor Pest Management Services with separate pages for each service offering
  • Finding Information: Ability to find information about a particular topic more easily
  • Buying Service Easily: Ability to buy online any of our most popular services with Internet Pricing by using the “Buy Now” button

Our website is designed to help visitors find the information they are seeking quickly by using a Search Box identified by a magnifying glass on the menu and our new site layout with the information structure that’s easy to follow.

Please feel free to contact us about our website with recommendations, feedback or suggestions by leaving a comment.

Thank you for your continued interest in Always Green. We look forward to serving you in the near future.


Brown Spots

Brown spots can be caused by the lack of water

Many of Always Green’s customers are concerned about brown spots that may appear in their lawns. There are many reasons for brown spots from the spill of gasoline, to chinch bugs or nematode or fungus infections. Certainly if alerted early enough by a phone call to our office, Always Green can promptly implement a pest and disease response treatment to resolve the problem or contain it from spreading.

chinch bug

Chinch Bug

During Florida’s spring season, dry periods or droughts, in most cases, brown spots are caused by the lack of water due to little or no rainfall or maladjusted/broken sprinkler heads or a broken irrigation system. The grass with a short root system in sandy soil that lacks water will be the first to wilt and turn brown as a defense mechanism and can survive if water is regularly provided within the recovery period. However, brown spots become a breeding ground for pest and diseases, especially Chinch Bugs.

When brown spots appear it’s important to determine if the real cause is a faulty sprinkler system and to get it fixed as soon as possible. The brown spot must be reported to Always Green, so we can assess it and provide treatment to stop the damage. The earlier the detection of brown spots and the corrective respond, the easier it will be to rectify the damage.

Customers that wait a month or more before taking action to resolve brown spots are too late. The current damage, pests, and disease may have already killed the grass in specific areas.

Always Green technician working - delivering lawn care

Our technician performing Lawn Care

Always Green’s remedial action is to contain the damage and prevent it from expanding. We will work with you to recover healthy grass in the brown spots if it’s not too late. Or to assist you with helpful information regarding plugging or resodding for those areas that need grass replacement.

In most cases during drought or dry periods, water is the key to preventing brown spots. Please make sure your irrigation sprinklers are in good working order. To learn more about the details of watering and the effect of soil composition regarding the formation of brown spots, click on

Always Green can help by providing a prompt pest and disease treatment(s) to stop brown spots from spreading. We also offer free guidance, advice, and answers to your questions.

Please call us (813) 818-7022 or complete our Get Quote Form to setup an appointment for a free quote for our quality lawn fertilization and pest control. To learn more about Always Green, click on About Us

The Secret to Healthy Green Grass

What does it take to have a Great Looking Lawn?

Healthy Green Grass

Healthy Green Grass

If you want your entire lawn to look wonderful all year long, you need to help nature. The first rule you need to know is “Great lawn care requires repetitive discipline to continuously satisfy the biological needs of the grass.

As you may know, your lawn is a living organism and is composed of individual grass plants with an extensive root system with runners. The health of your grass depends on what we call the essential life factors. A great looking lawn comes down to rigidly performing repeatable actions that cannot be postpone for very long. These actions further the essential life factors to keep the grass alive and growing.

5 Essential Life Factors of Grass

As previously stated the essential life factors allow your lawn to be green. These factors will also allow: flowers, shrubs, trees and landscape plants to grow and be healthy. The important essential life factors are:

  1. Sunlight
  2. Nutrients
  3. Disease Control
  4. Pest Control
  5. Water

Depriving your lawn of these essential life factors for just a short period puts your lawn at risk. Depriving your lawn of these factors for a long period will kill your grass. It is important to maintain a regular supply of these essential life factors by following the first rule of repetitive discipline.

Sunlight is a factor we cannot control, except by removing a layer of dead leaves or debris over the grass that prevents light from reaching the individual grass leaves. Sunlight allows the grass to perform the photosynthesis process that creates the energy to keep grass alive.

The lack of nutrients, disease control and pest control can eventually kill a lawn. Over time without the proper lawn care, the entire lawn will degrade. A degraded lawn can appear brownish eyesore with very little or no curb-appeal. Fortunately, Always Green can provide nutrients, disease control and pest control grass need to look beautiful by applying our customize lawn care treatment regularly.

You can call us (813) 818-7022 or complete our Quick Quote Form to set up an appointment for a free quote for our quality lawn fertilization and pest control.

In addition, other factors can inhibit the health of the grass. Here are 2 common inhibitors: the spill of toxic chemicals such as gasoline and dull lawn mower blades that shreds the grass leaves allowing it to be vulnerable to disease and insects.

Our Life Style and Lawn Care

dog enjoying a green lawn

Lush, Green and Healthy Lawn

Let’s face it, we are busy people. Whether it is working on our job, spending pleasurable time on a hobby, doing errands, going on vacation, relaxing to recover from stress or spending time with our family, we do not have the time to spend on regular lawn care chores.

Most normal busy folks perform do-it-yourself lawn care haphazardly and will neglect the labors required to keep the grass green and healthy. The lawn ends up with brown spots and dead areas because we did not perform the first rule of repetitive discipline. Repetitive discipline means performing the necessary tasks to ensure the essential life factors are in place and provided regularly.

Always Green to the Rescue

Always green truck for lawn care

Always Green to the Rescue

Always Green will execute the repetitive discipline rule for you when it comes to lawn care. Always Green provides quality treatments that deliver the vitally needed nutrients, disease control and pest control. Our service is like clockwork. We consistently applied treatments during the year. Hence, Always Green makes life easier for you by providing the repetitive discipline by applying our specially formulated treatments at regular intervals.

Our Lawn Care Treatments

always green technician delivering a lawn care

Lawn Care Treatment

For our lawn treatments to work effectively, you must proper water your lawn within 48 hours after the application. Your lawn needs water regularly to keep it green, healthy and growing so your grass can use the nutrients and sunlight to stay alive. Your sprinkler system is the key to delivering water efficiently after and between treatments. Sprinkler heads must deliver water to all the right places of your yard on a programmed schedule.

The Fifth Essential Life Factor – Water

You may be thinking water is the essential life factor for all of life on earth. I would agree. Your grass is resilient and can endure the lack of water for short periods. There no denying it. Grass needs water on a regular basis. For the surrounding counties, the watering restriction is twice a day. Your irrigation control should be set for water 2 days a week for at least 30 minutes or more. If your sprinkler system malfunctions, your will be violating the first rule of repetitive discipline. You will see the effects in your grass. Brown spots and dead grass areas will start to appear and get larger.

Replacing dead grass with new fresh sod or plugs is an action that you can’t ignore. Before you re-sod or plug the areas of the dead spots, you must get your sprinklers repaired or you are just throwing away your money. Dead grass areas are breeding grounds for insects and weeds.

You must address these dead areas to keep them from spreading to the rest of your lawn that’s healthy and green. Always Green recommend Charlie’s Re-Sod when you decide to re-sod those dead areas. Also, we highly recommend you have your sprinkler system repaired, sprinkler heads adjusted and the complete system tested and checked out before you install any new sod or plugs. You can contact our friends ATZ Irrigation that do quality irrigation services to handle this for you.

Green Grass Requires a Working Sprinkler System

sprinkler system operating

sprinkler system correctly operating

Your sprinkler system is a vital piece to your lawn’s ecosystem of the essential life factors to getting a green and healthy lawn. A failing sprinkler system is the first thing we look at when your lawn looks in bad shape. You must keep your sprinkler system in tip-top condition to deliver full water coverage as needed by your lawn.

Many of our customers that have broken or malfunctioning sprinkler heads call us to say the Always Green treatments is not working. When we investigate on their property, in the vast majority of cases the evidence is apparent, the irrigation system is improperly working and not delivering the required water regularly. If a sprinkler head is damaged, clogged, misaligned or not operational, it needs to be fixed quickly before it affects your grass.

Sprinkler Repair

technician adjusting a sprinkler head

Adjusting a sprinkler head for better coverage

When our customers are in need of sprinkler repair, Always Green recommends our business partner, ATZ Irrigation for Quick and Reliable Sprinkler repair in the Tampa Bay area. To learn more about ATZ Irrigation, click on sprinkler repair. ATZ Irrigation also offers a 30 days or 60 days planned maintenance service. To learn more about this service, click on Planned Periodic Sprinkler Maintenance.

Always Green is Available to Help

Always Green truck providing lawn care services

Always Green ready to help

As always, you can count on Always Green for help. We provide guidance, advice and answers to your questions. Please call us (813) 818-7022 or complete our Online Contact Form for support. To learn more about Always Green, click on About Us

What Peter Jassoy says

Always Green has serviced our needs for about 18 years now. We have been pleased with the techs and the service. They have been very fast to respond to any issues and take care of them in a professional manner.

What Joel Ansotigue says

We have been a customer of yours for several years and have always gotten great service. I recently contacted you about a problem with dead spots in my otherwise beautiful lawn. You came out and assessed the problem, put in plugs where necessary and fertilized the spots with the issues. We love you guys

Mosquito Control to Reduce Spreading of the Zika Virus

Mosquito biting

Mosquito biting

Zika Virus is Spreading in Florida

Our Always Green Pest Management website (our sister website for indoor pest control) recently published an article about reducing the mosquitos population by using practical tips to remove standing water around your home. Reducing the mosquitos population is a critical topic in light of the Zika Virus is spreading in Florida and just started in the Tampa Area.

We Need to All Pull together to Help Limit the Spread

We want everyone in the Tampa Bay area to focus their efforts on preventing mosquitoes from breeding. Always Green recommends you read the entire article, click on Mosquito Control in Tampa to learn how you can help. We want to eliminate the spread of the Zika Virus in Tampa Bay.

Always Green can Help complement Recommended Preventive Measures

Always Green is ready and able to assist you with your mosquito problem by offering our effective Mosquito Control treatments that remove mosquitoes from around your home and yard for approximately 30 days depending on environmental conditions such as rain and the wind. To learn more about our mosquito control, click on Always Green Tampa Mosquito Control Services. Please note, our mosquito control treatment doesn’t replace recommendations to eliminate standing water to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

Read Always Green Pest Management Blog Article

Always Green Mosquito Control treatments should be deployed in conjunction with preventive mosquito measures such as mentioned in our article entitled Mosquito Control in Tampa.

Excellent PDF Resource from the Florida Department of Health

Please download and print the flyer entitled Mosquito Bite Protection in Florida as a great resource from the Florida Department of Health.


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