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Always Green has serviced our needs for about 18 years now. We have been pleased with the techs and the service. They have been very fast to respond to any issues and take care of them in a professional manner.

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We have been a customer of yours for several years and have always gotten great service. I recently contacted you about a problem with dead spots in my otherwise beautiful lawn. You came out and assessed the problem, put in plugs where necessary and fertilized the spots with the issues. We love you guys

Mosquito Control to Reduce Spreading of the Zika Virus

Mosquito biting

Mosquito biting

Zika Virus is Spreading in Florida

Our Always Green Pest Management website (our sister website for indoor pest control) recently published an article about reducing the mosquitos population by using practical tips to remove standing water around your home. Reducing the mosquitos population is a critical topic in light of the Zika Virus is spreading in Florida and just started in the Tampa Area.

We Need to All Pull together to Help Limit the Spread

We want everyone in the Tampa Bay area to focus their efforts on preventing mosquitoes from breeding. Always Green recommends you read the entire article, click on Mosquito Control in Tampa to learn how you can help. We want to eliminate the spread of the Zika Virus in Tampa Bay.

Always Green can Help complement Recommended Preventive Measures

Always Green is ready and able to assist you with your mosquito problem by offering our effective Mosquito Control treatments that remove mosquitoes from around your home and yard for approximately 30 days depending on environmental conditions such as rain and the wind. To learn more about our mosquito control, click on Always Green Tampa Mosquito Control Services. Please note, our mosquito control treatment doesn’t replace recommendations to eliminate standing water to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

Read Always Green Pest Management Blog Article

Always Green Mosquito Control treatments should be deployed in conjunction with preventive mosquito measures such as mentioned in our article entitled Mosquito Control in Tampa.

Excellent PDF Resource from the Florida Department of Health

Please download and print the flyer entitled Mosquito Bite Protection in Florida as a great resource from the Florida Department of Health.


Florida Friendly Landscaping Program

Florida-Friendly Landscaping websire screenshot

Always Green’s previous website had a database that contained an assortment of plants from a board perspective. This database includes plant names, details, and pictures. Our new website doesn’t have this database. Many of these plants were outside of the area we serve with our landscape care services.

Always Green considers this database valuable and an important tool to help our customers. Hence, we do recommend using the Florida Friendly Landscaping Program that achieves the same purpose and is updated more frequently. The Florida Friendly Landscaping Program is more relevant for our customers because it specifically deals with Florida plants and plants indigenous to the Tampa Bay area.

Click on Florida Friendly Landscaping Program, to learn more.

Florida Lawn Mowing

The University of Florida on Florida Lawn Mowing Article

Florida Lawn Mowing

Lush, Green and Healthy Lawns require quality Lawn Care with the proper Florida Lawn Mowing

I wanted to bring  your attention to this article I recently read .  It’s an informative article about lawn mowing by the University of Florida. Although Always Green provides quality Lawn Care Services, there still remains the responsibility of  properly mowing the grass. This responsibility fall on the hands of the property owner.

The service of mowing the grass can be performed by you or a family member or a third-party landscape service provider, such as  a landscaper or a lawn mow guy. During the summer months, it should be performed weekly or as conditions dictate.

Understanding the Value of Mowing Correctly

Understanding and performing the best-practices of Florida Lawn Mowing can greatly help you attain the most effective Landscape Care possible. Always Green’s ability to provide a Lush, Green, and Healthy lawn requires a partnership between you and us. Two areas where we need your support is periodic lawn watering and proper mowing practices. As a partnership of Always Green and you, we can successfully create an awesome picturesque lawn that will capture the attention and envy of neighbors and passersby

Instructions and Lawn Care

In our landscape care business for 19 years,  we haves cases where our customers fail to perform those tasks as called out in our Customer Corner report, where this report provides instructions required to maintain the health of the landscape. When the instructions are not followed, the yard starts to look really bad. It may be due to a combination of failures that damages the grass, such as not enough watering and not cleaning the yard of debris. The lawn becomes damaged and unhealthy and falls victim to insects and/or a disease.  Lawn mowing is one of those things if done incorrectly consistently can damage your lawn and greatly reduce the effective of our efforts to perform quality Landscape Care.

Damage Grass

Lawn damage may be due to a combination of failures such as not enough watering and not cleaning the yard of debris. The lawn becomes damaged and unhealthy and falls victim to insects and/or a disease.  Lawn mowing is one of those things if  incorrectly performed consistently can damage your lawn and greatly reduce the effective of our efforts to perform quality Landscape Care.

Florida Lawn Mowing is Important

Your lawn can change to a point where it can become very difficult to bring the grass back to good health and it may take a very long time. An illustrative example of this is mowing the grass too short for prolonged periods while exposed to the hot summer sun. This is a killer to your lawn. Always Green recommends your grass be cut to a vertical height of 4 1/2 inches and be regularly watered during the summer months. Hence, understanding the in’s and out’s of mowing your Florida lawn is important to keeping it Lush, Green, and Healthy.

Topics of the University of Florida’s Lawn Mowing Article

The University of Florida’s article on mowing Florida Lawns cover the following topics:

  • Height of Mowing
  • Frequency of Mowing
  • Using Your Grass Clippings
  • Mowing Equipment
  • Good Mowing Practices

To learn more about mowing your Florida Lawn, click on the University of Florida’s Mowing Florida Lawns Article.

Mosquito Control in Tampa

Get rid of Mosquitoes and Take your Yard Back?

outside picnic spoiled by mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can spoil outside picnic fun. They don’t only bite humans, but dogs and cats as well.

Always Green has the solution for Tampa, an active Mosquito Control Service. Many Florida residents are fearful of mosquitoes because they carry disease. Our service will virtually eliminate mosquitoes for 30 days from your outside living space. We automatically schedule your subsequent treatments for each 30-day interval.

Start your Mosquito Control services today to protect your family, friends, and pets from these blood-sucking pests.

Make Your Backyard a No Mosquito Zone

no mosquito symbol

No Mosquito Zone

Get rid of mosquitoes in your yard for the summer months by deploying Always Green’s Mosquito Control Services with regularly scheduled treatments. Now, available for a limited time for $65 per treatment.

Call our business office (813) 818-7022  today to arrange for our quality Mosquito Control Service for customers in Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas Counties only.

To learn more, click on Always Green Mosquito Control Service

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