Brown spots can be caused by the lack of water

Many of Always Green’s customers are concerned about brown spots that may appear in their lawns. There are many reasons for brown spots from the spill of gasoline, to chinch bugs or nematode or fungus infections. Certainly if alerted early enough by a phone call to our office, Always Green can promptly implement a pest and disease response treatment to resolve the problem or contain it from spreading.

chinch bug

Chinch Bug

During Florida’s spring season, dry periods or droughts, in most cases, brown spots are caused by the lack of water due to little or no rainfall or maladjusted/broken sprinkler heads or a broken irrigation system. The grass with a short root system in sandy soil that lacks water will be the first to wilt and turn brown as a defense mechanism and can survive if water is regularly provided within the recovery period. However, brown spots become a breeding ground for pest and diseases, especially Chinch Bugs.

When brown spots appear it’s important to determine if the real cause is a faulty sprinkler system and to get it fixed as soon as possible. The brown spot must be reported to Always Green, so we can assess it and provide treatment to stop the damage. The earlier the detection of brown spots and the corrective respond, the easier it will be to rectify the damage.

Customers that wait a month or more before taking action to resolve brown spots are too late. The current damage, pests, and disease may have already killed the grass in specific areas.

Always Green technician working - delivering lawn care

Our technician performing Lawn Care

Always Green’s remedial action is to contain the damage and prevent it from expanding. We will work with you to recover healthy grass in the brown spots if it’s not too late. Or to assist you with helpful information regarding plugging or resodding for those areas that need grass replacement.

In most cases during drought or dry periods, water is the key to preventing brown spots. Please make sure your irrigation sprinklers are in good working order. To learn more about the details of watering and the effect of soil composition regarding the formation of brown spots, click on

Always Green can help by providing a prompt pest and disease treatment(s) to stop brown spots from spreading. We also offer free guidance, advice, and answers to your questions.

Please call us (813) 818-7022 or complete our Get Quote Form to setup an appointment for a free quote for our quality lawn fertilization and pest control. To learn more about Always Green, click on About Us

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