The 3 Failures that Damage Lawns to correct for customers to address are:

  1. Failure to adequately water the lawn on a regular basis or after each treatment of fertilization and pest and disease control or correct sprinkler water coverage
  2. Lawnmower’s blade is dull — keep the edge sharp. Or cutting the grass too short.
  3. Grass cutting services failure to wash lawnmowers when going from property to property and can  carry insects from infected yards

When you hire a Landscape Care service provider, there are still tasks that need to be accomplished by the customer to obtain the most effective Landscape Care. Failure to water the lawn properly is a primary cause for poor lawn results that are the fault of the customer. Always Green understands that customer participation is vital to get the best results possible. Hence, Always Green developed the Customer Partnership to bring to light the need of customers and Always Green to work together and the final results are the responsibility of both parties.

At Always Green, we deliver our Customer Corner Report at your door after every service call. Our Customer Corner report provides the status and comments about your landscape and instructions, such as to water the yard within 24 hours after treatment. Our Customer Corner Report is an example of our Customer Partnership in action.

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