Always Green Qualifications

Peter Eells the Founder of Always Green and Businessman

Peter Eells has a College degree in Business Management. He has worked many years for Corporate-America. He is an expert with Logistics. This part of the reason for Always Green Success in the Tampa area. The skills and experience Peter has gained as a business manager of a large enterprise are very valuable. His business expertise gave him the know-how to make his local business function and obtain customer satisfaction.

Passion for Landscape Care

Peter’s hobby is gardening. He also has a strong interest in biology and chemistry. While at college, he completed a class in Tobacco Production. This class kindled Peter’s interest in Landscape Care. With a passion for Landscape Care, Peter quit Corporate-America in favor of opening his own company. What he wanted to do is simplify his life and be able to do things that would directly help people. Thus, Peter and Dodo Eells founded Always Green Inc. about 20 years ago.

Our Landscape Care Expertise

Peter is certified in Lawn and Ornamental Structure Pest Control and Termites and is fully licensed for Landscape Care and Pest Control in Florida. But, operating a Landscape Care and Pest Control company takes more than just an understanding of plants, biology, and insects. It takes a knowledge of how to run a business, ability to work with supplier, employees, and customers, as well as, provide good value for the money by delivering landscape results.

Also, it requires the owner to have deep business skills to develop best practices, create new processes, manage & lead employees, and build the teamwork to make a company work. A landscape care company is more than a guy in a pickup truck.  An efficiently run landscape care company requires the discipline and tenacity to monitor the landscape, formulate treatment composed of quality product mix for the best results in Tampa Bay and apply treatments using the latest technology. Landscape Care is a fundamental process of monitoring, assessing and taking action to improve the conditions for making living plants healthy.

As with building a business from scratch or keeping a lawn lush, green and healthy, they both require a competent professional that’s qualified. The qualifications are skills, knowledge, discipline, and figuring-things-out. Figuring-things-out is the ability to rapidly learn new things by relating cause and effect, and monitor a situation or issue and developing corrective actions to yield the best results. Peter Ells is a natural and master at this.

Always Green Training Program

Peter has created the Always Green Training program. He shadows each employee to ensure they are progressing along the right path. Always Green requires all technician to perform ongoing training and education to keep up with new developments in Landscape Care and Pest Control Industry. Training is conducted in-house by workshops, briefs, manufacturer’s seminars, and computer training courses about new techniques of plant care, new products on the market, effective method of application, guidelines of better usage of pest control, insects trends, county & state law about fertilization and insecticide, etc..

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