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Mosquitoes Carry Diseases

a typical mosquito that Always Green Mosquito Control will exterminate

Typical Florida Asian Tiger Mosquito

Mosquitoes cause over 1 million deaths worldwide annually. Mosquitoes are responsible for more than any other insect. Not only do mosquitoes transmit diseases to humans, but they also infect dogs, cats, and horses with diseases and parasites. In Florida, mosquitoes may carry dangerous diseases (such as West Nile, Zika virus, Eastern equine encephalitis, and St. Louis encephalitis). Hence, this is the reason why Tampa Bay residences need Always Green’s Mosquito Control services.

Dengue, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever, and Zika virus are rapidly spreading in tropical regions throughout the world. The Aedes mosquito is a carrier and difficult to control. The Aedes mosquito deposits its eggs over a variety of small and hard to find breeding sites. Directly targeting these breeding sites with chemical insecticides is both difficult and random.

For more information regarding Zika diseases, click on Mosquito-Zika Diseases

Don’t Let Mosquitoes Spoil your Backyard Fun

Little girl playing back yard with no mosquitoes

Backyard Fun with the Family can be interrupted by mosquitoes

You want to protect family and pets from infection. These harmful insects can invade your outdoor living space. Mosquitoes can be a real annoyance when you are trying to relax, play, or entertain.

Outside fun activities such as picnics, playing catch, badminton, horseshoes, and low-cost. Yard parties and cookouts can become a miserable experience of slapping mosquitoes. Also, outdoor work activities from mowing the grass to gardening can become unpleasant when they start biting, and you can end up with a lot of bite marks. As a consequence, mosquitoes can ruin an outside backyard event. Always Green Mosquito Control offerings can solve your mosquito problem with an effective solution to take back your yard and enjoy relaxing outside.

Always Green Mosquito Control Solutions

Always Green In2Care Mosquito Trap – Most Effective Over Time and Best for Large Areas

Always Green In2Care Mosquito Trap Solution is an innovative technology that kills Mosquitoes within 2 days after they deposit their eggs. This solution also kills the larvae of other mosquitoes. Thus, it continues to reduce the mosquito the longer it’s used.

The Always Green In2Care Mosquito Trap Solution:

  • Has no harmful chemicals that affect animals and pets.
  • Is 100% environmentally safe
  • Approved by the EPA
  • Kills (even insecticide-resistant) Aedes mosquitoes
  • Tested worldwide in 40 countries
  • Proven documented results to eliminate mosquitoes over time

Our In2Care Mosquito Trap effectively attracts and kills Aedes and other mosquitoes with non-harmful and green ingredients that target both larvae and adults. Trap activity is not limited to installed traps but extends to breeding sites in the surrounding area. To learn more about this Mosquito Control Solution, click on Always Green In2Care Mosquito Trap. Call us (813) 818-7022 today to get a price quote for the best Mosquito Control Solution to address your outside property needs.


Always Green Mosquito Killing Fog – Kills on Contact for Specific Areas

Always Green Mosquito Killing Fog Solution immediately starts killing mosquitoes on contact. This solution secures protection for a specific area such as the backyard or around the home or business building. Unlike our In2Care Mosquito Trap Solution that can be used for a large area, this solution kills all mosquitoes in specific areas that touch the treatment residue (and not just mosquito looking for a site to deposit eggs). This solution is effective for 30 days but depends on weather conditions. This solution can be used for parties or large social gatherings.

always green technician performing an outside pest control treatment

Our Mosquito Killing Fog repels and kills mosquitoes on contract for approximately for 4 weeks. Our regular monthly treatments eliminate mosquitoes from your backyard. This solution is not recommended for large wooded areas. To learn more about this Mosquito Control Solution, click on Always Green Mosquito Killing Fog. Call us (813) 818-7022 today to get a price quote for the best Mosquito Control Solution to address your outside property needs.


Always Green Combined Mosquito Control Solution – Most Comprehensive for Home or Business

Always Green Combined Mosquito Control Solution combines the Mosquito Killing Fog and In2Care Mosquito Trap Solutions to kills mosquitoes immediately, drastically reduce the mosquito population, and continue to eliminate mosquitoes over the treatment period. This solution is our most effective Mosquito Control Solution and can be used for customers that want no mosquitoes, large properties, estates, and businesses with outside customer areas such as restaurants. Always Green Combined Mosquito Control Solution is uniquely configured for your property to determine the number of traps and the specific square footage for the treatment of the outside living areas. This solution requires service every 30 days to be effective.
Always Green Mosquito Control Solution

Our Combined Solution is the Most Comprehensive and Effective Mosquito Control Solution for your Home or Business. Your property is divided into an inner zone that surrounds your building and places where people access or dwell and the outer zone where there is vegetation, landscape areas, wooded areas or very large areas. Always Green applies Mosquito Killing Fog in the inner zone for instant protection from mosquitoes. We apply our In2Care Mosquito Trap in the outer zone to attract and kills mosquitoes and prevent them from breeding. Call us (813) 818-7022 today to get a price quote for the best Mosquito Control Solution to address your outside property needs.


Call us (813) 818-7022 today for our Mosquito Control Solution to get rid of these disease-carrying pests.

Get our Special Discount on Mosquito Control**

Each application contains our special Internet discount. Our Special Limited Incentives (choose one)

    • In2Care Mosquito Traps
      • 20% discount for 2 or more traps
    • Mosquito Killing Fog
      • $65 per treatment (up to 8,500 sq ft)- when buying 3 applications or more
      • $55.97 per treatment (up to 8,500 sq ft) – when buying annual service
      • $75 per treatment (up to 8,500 sq ft) – single on-demand service for current customers
    • Combined Mosquito Control
      • A 20% discount on two or more traps and reduced-priced for the Mosquito Killing Fog treatment will depend on the size of the property being treated.

**Internet Pricing and Special Limited Incentives are for new customers or new service

Take back your yard and enjoy outside living this summer without fear of mosquitoes.

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