Mosquito biting

Mosquito biting

Zika Virus is Spreading in Florida

Our Always Green Pest Management website (our sister website for indoor pest control) recently published an article about reducing the mosquitos population by using practical tips to remove standing water around your home. Reducing the mosquitos population is a critical topic in light of the Zika Virus is spreading in Florida and just started in the Tampa Area.

We Need to All Pull together to Help Limit the Spread

We want everyone in the Tampa Bay area to focus their efforts on preventing mosquitoes from breeding. Always Green recommends you read the entire article, click on Mosquito Control in Tampa to learn how you can help. We want to eliminate the spread of the Zika Virus in Tampa Bay.

Always Green can Help complement Recommended Preventive Measures

Always Green is ready and able to assist you with your mosquito problem by offering our effective Mosquito Control treatments that remove mosquitoes from around your home and yard for approximately 30 days depending on environmental conditions such as rain and the wind. To learn more about our mosquito control, click on Always Green Tampa Mosquito Control Services. Please note, our mosquito control treatment doesn’t replace recommendations to eliminate standing water to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

Read Always Green Pest Management Blog Article

Always Green Mosquito Control treatments should be deployed in conjunction with preventive mosquito measures such as mentioned in our article entitled Mosquito Control in Tampa.

Excellent PDF Resource from the Florida Department of Health

Please download and print the flyer entitled Mosquito Bite Protection in Florida as a great resource from the Florida Department of Health.


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