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brown patch disease caused by Rhizoctonia solani

Brown Patch disease caused by Rhizoctonia solani

Brown Patch is a turfgrass disease and caused by the Rhizoctonia species fungus. The fungus infects the leaf area closest to the soil and will eventually kill the leaf. This disease usually begins as small patches (approximately one foot in diameter) that turn yellow and then reddish brown, brown, or straw colored as the leaves start to die. A Brown Patch can expand to several feet in diameter.

The disease is likely to be observed from November through May when temperatures are below 80 °F. It usually is not seen in the summer months. Infection is triggered by rainfall, excessive irrigation or extended periods of high humidity.

As a result of too much moisture at the right temperature, the grass is wet for 48 hours or more with an excellent condition for fungus growth. Always Green’s preventive treatment will inhibit the growth of the fungus when the leaves are wet. If you are unsure if you have Brown Patch, call Always Green for a free assessment.

To learn more about Brown Patch from the University of Florida, click on Large Patch.

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