Tampa Landscape Services Recommendations

Always Green Proudly Recommends:

Local 5-star Tampa Bay Landscape Service Providers that continue to work with us to obtain superb results.
For 20 years, our Landscape Services Partners help us achieve the best lawn and landscape results possible under real Florida conditions. Our partners complement Always Green’s services to create a picturesque landscape to be envied. Smart real estate agents will not hesitate to tell you that an attractive curb appeal increases the value of your home or business.

All American Landscape Design Group

All American Landscape Design Group landscape example

All American Landscape Design Group, AALDG, provides expert Landscape Design and Installation that Always Green will maintain as healthy works of nature.

For over 23 years in the Tampa Bay area, All American Landscape Design Group, (AALDG) provides Amazing Quality Landscapes, Front-Entrances with Fantastic Curb-Appeal, Backyards with Picturesque Scenery, Personalized Spaces & Privacy with Nature, Functional Outside Living Spaces for Relaxing, and Socializing, Entertaining, Working Outside & More. AALDG is Tampa Bay’s Trusted Landscapers with a Full 90-Day Warranty on Plants.

AALDG provides Residential Landscaping, Commerical Landscaping, and New Construction Landscaping.

Always Green has recommended and worked with AALDG on many different properties for over 18 years. All American Landscape Design Group delivers excellent designs and best-quality installations that Always Green maintains to achieve long-lasting healthy results. AALDG provides lawn design, a complete sprinkler system, new sod, and a full 90-day warranty, and Always Green provides the premium Lawn Care and Pest Control to keep the front entrance and backyard looking perfect. AALDG services include Landscaping Design & Install, as well as, Hardscape Design & Install Specialty Landscape Services, and Ancillary Landscape Services.

Click on All American Landscape Design Group to learn more about their many high-quality Landscape Design and Installation Services.

Lufkin’s Landscape Supply

Lufkin's Landscape Supply business

Lufkin’s Landscape​
6675 46th Avenue
N. St. Petersburg, Fl. 33709
For service call (727) 545-9797

For over 45 years, Lufkin’s Landscape has been a family-owned business serving Pinellas County and Tampa Bay areas. Our goal is to assist our customers to enhance their homes, offices, schools, or public spaces in a sustainable, economical, and environmentally friendly manner.

Lufkin sells high-quality landscape products that are sold in bulk, 5 gallons containers, or bags. Landscape products sold in bulk can be delivered to your worksite. Or, the customers can choose to pick up their order with their car, SUV, truck, or trailer at the Lufkin’s facility.

Lufkin Landscape provides a large selection of the following products: red mulch, natural mulch, pine bark, fill dirt, mason sand, organic topsoil, organic Black Gold compost, organic potting soil, crushed concrete (paver fines), red lava rock, ½” white river gravel, ½” brown river gravel, 1′ brown river gravel, 1 ½” brown river gravel, ¾” white lime rock, 3/8” lime rock, 1 ½” lime rock, pipe rock, cedar bark stone, ¾” grey rock Smokey Mountain, Tahitian granite, white marble chips, salt & pepper granite 2″-3″ and ½” shell

Click on Lufkin’s Landscape to learn more about their many high-quality Landscape products.

Charlie’s Re-Sod

harvesting sod by Charlies re-sod that Always Green maintains

Charlie’s Re-Sod installs top-quality sod that Always Green’s Lawn Care will keep looking lush, green, and healthy.

For over 10 years, Charlie’s Re-Sod provides premium-quality lawns for very reasonable prices. Charlie delivers the freshest and healthiest sod available in the Tampa Bay area. He will ensure you are 100% satisfied with the sod installation results before he leaves your property.

Charlie starts with top quality Muck Based sod and personally manages the care of this sod while it’s growing. Hence, you get the best farm-fresh sod (this includes; St. Augustine, Palmetto, Bermuda, Zoysia, and Bahia). Charlie’s quality sod is guaranteed to stand up to the hot Florida summers with of course the proper Lawn Care and watering.

Always Green has worked with Charlie’s Re-Sod on numerous properties throughout the years and we have always achieved the best results possible. Charlie provides the sod and we provide the necessary Lawn Care and Pest Control to keep that Lawn looking really terrific. When top-quality sod is installed free from weeds and each grass leaf is healthy, Always Green’s task is much easier to keep the lawn Lush, Green, and Healthy for many years to come — because healthy grass from the get-go means it’s much more difficult for disease and pests to get a foothold in the lawn.

Click on Charlie’s Re-Sod to learn more about quality sod.

Johns Palms Landscape

Johns Palm Landscape front entrance

Always Green provides single-priced Landscape Care packages to keep Johns Palm Landscape Designs healthy and longer-lasting

For over 25 years, Johns Palm Landscape has always been passionate about creating and implementing very artistic landscape designs. Their designs use both attractive local and tropical Florida plants for long-lasting and pleasing landscape presentations. Johns Palm Landscape has a great reputation in the Tampa Bay area for creating living masterpieces of color, textures, and design patterns with an assortment of living ornamental plants.

Always Green maintains the health and beauty of these designs with our superior Lawn Care, Outdoor Pest Control, and Tree and Shrub Care. Always Green offers single-priced packages for complete Landscape Ornamental Care services for all of Johns Palms Landscape’s design installations.

Click on Johns Palm Landscape to learn more about landscape design.

ATZ Irrigation

Sprinklers maintained by ATZ Irrigation

ATZ Irrigation designs, installs, and maintains sprinklers systems so that Always Green Lawn Care can be effective.

For over 26 years, ATZ Irrigation designs install and repairs irrigation and sprinkler systems in the Tampa Bay area. The purpose of sprinklers is to deliver water regularly to the right sections of the landscape. Always Green’s services depend heavily on the correct operation of the sprinklers to deliver water reliably to the lawn, trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants.

In the Tampa Bay area, ATZ Irrigation is recognized as the expert in irrigation technology and the top provider of quality services and hardware. Always Green has worked with ATZ Irrigation for many years on numerous properties both residential and commercial.

After each treatment of Lawn Care, Pest Control, or Tree and Shrub Care, Always Green gives instructions to water within 24 hours. Hence,  consistent reliable watering is important. This makes ATZ Irrigation a valuable partner in keeping the landscape looking great.

Always Green recommends ATZ Irrigation to ensure the sprinkler system is correctly installed, reliable, and fully operational.

Click on ATZ Irrigation to learn more about irrigation and sprinkler system.

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