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“Other Landscape Care Services”

Always Green provides additional Landscape Care Services to supplement our current offerings of Lawn Care, Tree and Shrub Care, and Pest Control services.  We offer the following Landscape Care services to complement our regular services for a reasonable fee.

If you need any of these Other Landscape Services, please contact us to discuss what the service entails and arrange for an appointment with our Always Green technician.
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action of Plugging to fill in areas that lack grass

Allows thin areas to fill in, allowing recovery before infestation with weedy grasses.

aeration services to allow air and water to the roots

Allows air and water to get to the roots enabling the products applied regularly to be more effective.

Applying a lime application service for proper lawn growth

Lime Application
Turf & ornamentals won’t grow if soil PH is not in the target range. PH can be changed by proper applications.

Gypsum application to break up high salt levels

Gypsum Application
Allows for the breaking up of high salt levels caused by the ongoing use of well or reclaimed irrigation water

testing soil to access current condition

Soil Testing
The best way to benchmark soil conditions to determine the need for and recommended amounts of soil amendments

Sedge treatment to control nutsedge

Sedge Treatments
Weed Control of specifically of nutsedge can be challenging and appears in the lawn, as well as in plant beds.

Fire Ant

Fire Ant Control
A once a year treatment for the control of fire ants. Fire Ants can pose a threat to people and animals.

damage turf that requires a fungicide

Systematic Fungicide for Turf
A must for lawns sodded in the summer. Also an excellent application in the rainy season

Insect and disease drenches for ornamental plant, shrubs and trees

Systematic Insect and Disease Drenches
These applications target root fungus and provide treatment for hard to control insect issues such as hard scales.

Moisture Management

Moisture Manager
When a lack of water is an issue. This service can reduce the amount of water up to 50% depending on the circumstances.

Palm stake treatment

Palm Spikes
One application per year  for palms to maintain Health Green Palms


Always Green is Tampa’s top-quality Landscape Care provider that works with Mother Nature to get you great-looking results, please call Always Green on (813) 818-7022, email us, or fill out our contact form, or just click on the oval button on the bottom of this page for a free quote.

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