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Mosquitoes Carry Diseases

a typical mosquito that Always Green Mosquito Control will exterminate

Typical Florida Asian Tiger Mosquito

Mosquitoes cause over 1 million deaths worldwide annually. Mosquitoes are responsible for more than any other insect. Not only do mosquitoes transmit diseases to humans, but they also infect dogs, cats, and horses with diseases and parasites. In Florida, mosquitoes may carry dangerous diseases such as West Nile, Zika virus, Eastern equine encephalitis, and St. Louis encephalitis. Hence, this is the reason why Tampa Bay residences need Always Green’s Mosquito Control services.

For more information regarding Zika diseases, click on Mosquito-Zika Diseases

Don’t Let Mosquitoes Spoil your Backyard Fun

Little girl playing back yard with no mosquitoes

Backyard Fun with the Family can be interrupted by mosquitoes

You want to protect family and pets from infection. Your outdoor living space can be invaded by these harmful insects. Mosquitoes can be a real annoyance when you are trying to relax, play, or entertain.

Outside fun activities such as picnics, playing catch, badminton, horseshoes, and low-cost. Yard parties and cookouts can become a miserable experience of slapping mosquitoes. Also, outdoor work activities from mowing the grass to gardening can become unpleasant when they start biting and you can end up with a lot of bite marks. As a consequence, mosquitoes can ruin an outside backyard event.

Always Green Eliminates Mosquitoes

Always Green solves your backyard mosquito problem. Our Mosquito Control is a trusted service to virtually eliminate all the mosquitos in your yard or that shady outdoor space you enjoy on your property.

no mosquito symbol requires effective Mosquito Control

Your Yard should be a  Mosquito Free Zone

Always Green’s technicians are trained and fully licensed. We will professionally apply our special formulated treatment to kill mosquitos on contact. Our trusted and reliable mosquito control service eliminates mosquitoes for a full 30 days, depending on the environmental conditions, such as rain or wind.

For consistent protection from these blood-sucking pests, Always Green recommends a mosquito control treatment every month. We will automatically set up the next appointment and notify you a couple of day in advance before our technician arrives. No need to wait for our arrival on your property or be home during the application, just make sure we have access to your yard. Our technician will apply the Mosquito Control and leave our Customer Corner report describing our service and any instructions.

always green delivering a mosquito control treatment fog

Always Green Mosquito Control fog positively kills mosquitoes for 30 days

Always Green will protect your pets and family from these exasperating and dangerous insects. Our technician will treat those areas of your property where mosquitoes have the potential to feed, breed and hide. Once our Mosquito Control is administered, mosquitoes will fall victim to the residue left behind with our treatments. Our treatment will continue to kills mosquitoes for 30 days.

If you are going to have a party in your yard, you need to call us to get our Always Green Mosquito Control treatment to ensure mosquitoes are uninvited and to take back your yard.

Always Green Regular Mosquito Control Offering Starts at $75

Always Green Mosquito Control Offering

Always Green Mosquito Control starts at our regular price of $75 – for our regular low cost offer that is applied monthly to eliminate mosquitoes

Our Mosquito Control Limited Special Offer

Always Green has a limited special offer from May through October for Mosquito Control. We have cut the price for our quality Mosquito Control to $65 per application. Ask about our $55.97 Mosquito Treatments with Annual Service that expires 9/30/18. Please note, these special offerings are for properties up to 8,500 sq.ft.

This limited offer may be withdrawn from marketing at any time. Those customers that sign-up for this service during July are guaranteed our special price per application for the rest of 2018.

“Call us today to take advantage of this special offer.

Call us (813) 818-7022 today to get rid of these disease-carrying pests.


Take back your yard and enjoy outside living this summer without fear of mosquitoes.

Please call Always Green on (813) 818-7022, email us, or fill out our contact form, or just click on the oval button on the bottom of this page for a free quote.

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