Tampa Bay’s Tree & Shrub Care

Our Complete Tree & Shrub Care includes:
Fertilization, Fungicide, Disease & Insect Control


Our Tree & Shrub Care Increases the Value of your Property

Bismarkia Palm - tree care

Keeping Palm Trees Green and Healthy is Our Business

Think of Tree and Shrub Care as an investment. Healthy trees and shrubs can increase in value as they age. Landscapes that are green and healthy can pay big dividends by improving property values, beautifying surroundings, purifying the air, and saving energy by providing cooling shade during summer’s heat and protecting your home from winter’s wind.

Always Green’s preventive care program for your landscape, trees, plants, and shrubs is like putting money in the bank. Our Tree and Shrub Care is designed to promote plant health and growth. Thus a well-maintained landscape with healthy trees and shrubs will ensure the value of your property will continue to appreciate and improve curb appeal.

Your property’s “curb appeal” makes a great first impression on anyone visiting you. Also, homes or businesses with excellent curb appeal can actually raise the price of real estate by as much as 10%.

Our Tree & Shrub Care Keeps your Landscape Green and Healthy

Health Bird of Paradise palm Tree

Healthy Bird-of-Paradise Palm Tree

Preventing a problem is much less costly and time-consuming than trying to cure a tree, shrub, or plant once it has a disease or is infested with insects. An active maintenance and care program includes regular inspections and the necessary follow-up care for mulching, fertilizing, or disease or insect treatment. We also look for early signs of new problems.

Always Green technicians can correct problems before the trees or shrubs become fully damaging. Considering that many tree species can live as long as 200 to 300 years, our landscape care practices can save trees and money. Tree and Shrub Care are an investment that will yield both enjoyment and value for generations.

Our Tree and Shrub Care is a flexible Program to Fit Your Needs and Budget

always green technician spraying a tree with a special blend of disease control, & insect Ccontrol.

Our trained technician applying a Tree & Shrub Care Treatment

Always Green offers three types of programs for Trees, Shrubs, and Ornamental Plants. We offer different professional Tree & Shrub Care programs for your landscape needs and to fit your budget and the environmental conditions:

  • 6 treatments per year
  • 8 treatments per year
  • 12 treatments per year

Our Tree and Shrub Care is a complete program that includes fertilization, insect control, mite control, disease control, and minor elements. We formulate our own treatment mix on a regular basis to be effective seasonally in the Tampa Bay area. Always Green handles the treatment application on a periodic schedule to make your trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants look terrific, green, and healthy.

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Always Green also offers an exciting new approach to tree care, Arborjet. Always Green ArborJet Service is the newest tree care breakthrough with documented results. It provides immediate delivery of nutrients, pest, and disease control injected internally into the tree. Always Green Arborjet provides more effective Tree Care than the old traditional method. To learn more, click on Always Green Arborjet Service.

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